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IN THE PIPELINE January – February, 2015 We are off to a fresh 2015 start!  God continues to open doors and provide resources from various and sometimes totally unexpected places. God has connected us with some wonderful Godly water well drillers who are adding their expertise, their resources, and the hearts to the Kingdom work…

God is our healer

My daughter is in competitive cheer. She was recently at a competition where she fell and hurt her shoulder. Her shoulder was hurting so badly by the end of the day, she couldn’t pull a coke bottle off of the plastic rings. The next morning the pain was worse. I didn’t know how she was…

Divine Path

As a grandmother raising a special needs child, I was reluctant to visit or attend another church.  Would my granddaughter feel welcome there?  Would she be teased by the other children?  How would the staff treat her?  Would they understand her and her disabilities? Would I be happy there? These were all questions I asked…


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God certainly knew what He was doing when He placed me at Greater Harvest and I’m forever grateful…. Read More

Martha Harris a/k/a Nana

The Church has given us the chance to know Jesus more intimately and has changed our lives….. Read more

Michael and Briana Muller

My kids and I are so excited and blessed to be a apart of the Greater Harvest Church Family…. Read more

The Blackwell Family

Greater Harvest is the perfect church home for me and my mom.  Everyone is so friendly and loving.  Pastor James brings the Word in a unique way, full of truth, understanding, and FUN!  P.S. The Senior’s group (JOY) is AWESOME!

GHCC Member

I found family, I mean real family.. read more


When I came to Greater Harvest I was in a shell. I didn’t allow to many people to get close to me…but when I came through the doors I didn’t know that God was going to move mountains in my life. I found family, I mean real family.. I was able to heal from past hurts and allow people to come into my life and establish some of the best friendships and relationships that I have ever had. With the solid teaching from Pastor James and the encouragement of friends I am out of my shell and and in the process of walking into a ministry that I didn’t know was mine until I took that first step. God has moved mountains in my life and I am looking forward to what else he has planned for me. Thank you for being the example what a true christian family is.. We are not perfect but we love unconditionally, forgive, support, grow, and encourage like a family.

GHCC Member

I’ve been a part of a lot of youth groups and churches but I’ve never been a part of a youth group that has so much love for each other. Everyone is instantly accepted and people quickly become part of the Converge family.    

College Student