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Michael and I were invited to Greater Harvest Community Church over two years ago by friends who were apart of it’s congregation. Michael and I were still dating at the time and at the beginning, Michael was the only one who would come to the servicesI fought against it because I honestly didn’t believe in organized religion. Our relationship as a couple was failing. So after we had exhausted all other options, we made a mutual decision to give God a chance at repairing our broken relationship. The first day we walked into church together, we were greeted by so many friendly faces and just their “Welcome to Greater Harvest” felt so comforting. After that first Sunday something with in my mind shifted and everything that I had had questions or doubts about started to make sense and piece together. Michael and I continued to go each Sunday because God was strengthening us not only as individuals, but as a couple. We had decided that we were ready to commit our lives to Christ, and were baptized in September 2012 in front of our entire congregation and family. After we were saved, it seemed as everything was falling into place and God was blessing us in abundance. In 7 months Michael had proposed and the Marriage Ministry helped us plan a wedding at the church. By our first wedding anniversary, God had blessed us with the ability to build and buy our very first home. I now know that God had placed Michael in my life to not only be my husband, but to bring me to Christ. We have received so much support from our church family and the many different ministries Greater Harvest has to offer.  has been an amazing 2 years with the church and Michael and I grow deeper into our faith everyday with the help of God and the support of our church family and friends. The Church has given us the chance to know Jesus more intimately and has changed our lives. Greater Harvest is our home church and will continue to be until God calls us else where.

– Michael and Briana Muller


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