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January – February, 2015

We are off to a fresh 2015 start!  God continues to open doors and provide resources from various and sometimes totally unexpected places.

God has connected us with some wonderful Godly water well drillers who are adding their expertise, their resources, and the hearts to the Kingdom work at MANNA Water for Life!  These men are signing up to lead our drilling projects for this year and are connecting us with some excellent resources.  More to come later.

I’m writing from a hotel in El Progresso, Honduras.  Tomorrow we start our second project for the year.  We are drilling in Santa Rita for an excellent missionary who is planting a church.  Prayers that we accomplish all that God has prepared for this trip!

Two weeks ago we were in El Lleno.  It was a week of extremes.  The weather ranged from hot to absolute cold!  We weren’t prepared for that and we were grateful for the jackets we could find!  We also drilled 165’ the first day.  That’s the most we have drilled in a day.  The second day only 35’!  Our drill bit stuck in the bore hole.  The first thing we do in that situation is immediately shut down and pray.  (Last February, our bit stuck at the project in Las Marias.  We prayed and God “unstuck” it in about 60 seconds.)  We continued to work and pray, asking God for wisdom for our lead driller, Regi, and asking Him to release the bit.  Five hours later, God answered! Why the difference in time?  Perhaps there were those of us on the trip that needed a lesson in patience and perseverance in prayer.  It worked!  In the next two days, we reached our depth of 320’ (that is the deepest we have drilled so far!).  We found a favorable water formation at about 30’ from the bottom!  We developed and completed the well and now it is pumping 20 GPM: that’s 1200 gallons an hour!

We also conducted a dental clinic there.  Extractions, fluoride treatments, fillings, etc.  They served about 125 patients.  Five of those professed faith in Christ!!!

At the well dedication, because the love of Christ was so evidently displayed, 13 others were saved!

It was an excellent week: abundant water for the physical needs and the Living Water for eternity!  Thank You, Lord!!!

In the 19 months that we have been operating, we have had the privilege of providing pure water for 18 communities (over 5000 people!)   And 83 precious Hondurans have accepted Jesus as Savior!

Our God is good … all the time!

A prayer request: as you know, we have been wanting to ship the new drilling equipment from West Texas to Honduras.  We are planning on seeing that happen in the next month or so!!!

Please pray for the transportation and border crossings to get this needed equipment into the country and put it to use for the Kingdom!

We continue to be so grateful for all you prayers and support for MANNA Water for Life.  Your time, thoughts, energies, and generous giving are reaping in the fields white unto harvest.

God’s Best!

Mark and Judy Reynolds

Author: Greater Harvest

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