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As a grandmother raising a special needs child, I was reluctant to visit or attend another church.  Would my granddaughter feel welcome there?  Would she be teased by the other children?  How would the staff treat her?  Would they understand her and her disabilities? Would I be happy there? These were all questions I asked myself time and time again.  I had never heard of Greater Harvest Community Church until one day, while driving home from another of my granddaughter’s doctor’s appointments, I took a route to get me around heavy traffic.  That route took me in front of Greater Harvest.  I didn’t even know there was a church there until that day.  So, I stepped out in faith and we went one Sunday morning.  That was almost 3 years ago.  The Children’s Ministry director at that time, Judith Vasquez, welcomed my granddaughter with love and understanding.  She and her husband became my granddaughter’s “adopted” mom and dad. The warm and wonderful people at Greater Harvest are our family and we treat each other as such…family.  The sermons are delivered with fire and passion from a gifted man of God.  I continue to serve in the Children’s Ministry every chance I get.  Even though my granddaughter is chronologically too old now to be in the service with the other kids, she is still allowed to volunteer in the Children’s Ministry.  The entire staff of “Impact Kids”, as the ministry is called, love and care for my granddaughter.  They love her and she loves them.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He placed me at Greater Harvest and I’m forever grateful.

Martha Harris a/k/a Nana

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